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For anyone who is starting a new business, and needs capital to restructure the site, or another goal, they can apply for a personal credit or credit company. Even this type of financial product is offered to individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI). So if you are a micro entrepreneur with billing up to $ 120,000 per year and are thinking of expanding your business, learn how to get micro entrepreneur credit economical cashier!

Achieving microentrepreneur credit savings bank – MEI

The MEI is an excellent company formed for those who work on their own, the entrepreneur needs to register at Entrepreneur Portal to get the credit lines back to MEI. So much is that for those seeking the bank Caixa Econômica Federal.

this one requests this accreditation. Only later, he can have access to the package aimed at individual microentrepreneur.

Microcredit cash can be a good option for granting credit as it offers the lowest interest rates. Caixa offers a line of credit aimed at micro and small business entrepreneurs who want to start a business of their own or expand what they already have. In addition, there are a number of benefits that Caixa offers when the entrepreneur seeks the bank requesting this service.

How does Caixa’s microentrepreneur credit work?

Microcredit is the access to a small financial resource, as the name itself says of up to R $ 15 thousand, aimed at those who want to open a business or for those who already own a micro or small business. This service is aimed at those who already face many difficulties to get the traditional credit options.
Crédito microempreendedor caixa econômica federal
The micro-entrepreneur can request this service by phone or even entering the website and filling out the form. Afterwards, the Credit Adviser will go to the place of your venture and make a survey to know the current situation of your business and your ability to pay.

He can see how the application for this loan can bring good results with the correct investment of money. Therefore, this service will facilitate the acquisition of the necessary resources for the small entrepreneur.

How to get credit for microentrepreneurs in the Caixa Economico

Among the requirements for applying for credit is that the microentrepreneur must: 18 years or more, must be an account holder of the institution for at least 90 days, the CPF must be regularized. The good thing here is that the bank does not ask for proof of income (credit more easily and less bureaucracy) and does not need guarantor. Thus, this process becomes less bureaucratic.

The amounts released in the credit for microentrepreneurs of the savings bank is R $ 300 to R $ 15 thousand and; according to each client. Already the interest rates are from 2.9%, but it depends on home situation. So, the main advantage is for those who have MEI is just in interest. Institutions provide much lower interest rates for entrepreneurs in this category.

And the term for payment of the loan is from 04 to 24 months, and for the first hiring, the term is up to 12 months to pay. In this case, check the conditions well before signing the contract to see if you will be able to organize and pay for the service later.

Another tip is that before you think about applying for a loan, it is very important that you have well defined where that money goes. It’s no use wanting to request the service if you can not clearly define what you’re going to do with it.

And yet it is good to be well-defined even for the credit counselor to release the money. Then look at the company’s situation and how this credit will pay off in the future.

It is good to know that before making the request you should really check the need to apply for this type of loan at the bank. The “microentrepreneur credit economical cashier” is geared towards your business so the bank will ask for more clarification on your planning and the benefits to your business.

In this case it is not worth lying or issuing information, this can only leave your dirty record with the bank. Recalling that Caixa Economico is one of the banks that present this line of credit option, but do not forget to search and compare the credit offers that other institutions offer.

Even though it is a good option, only a few banks offer this line of credit and the amount offered is small compared to traditional credits. To know more please contact 0 0800 or Caixa SAC ask for loan information for microentrepreneurs or visit here.


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