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Sebrae MEI Loan – Loans can make life easier for a microentrepreneur. Regardless if it is used for a makeover or purchase of material, any loan needs to be thought with caution. But how does the Sebrae individual entrepreneur loan work?

It is worth emphasizing that if you want your business to thrive and grow, it is very important that you formalize it. In addition to giving more credibility to your company, there are also a number of advantages of formalizing your business as MEI, and one of them is the possibility of having access to banking services, such as borrowing.

Another important point that needs to be made clear is that Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) carries out the advice and social security of the MEI, and is not in this case a financial company that will carry out a loan for the individual entrepreneur. This needs to be clear. That is, when the MEI has any doubts about services you can ask the Sebrae to clarify these doubts.

Is it easy to get Sebrae Individual Entrepreneur Loan?

Is it easy to get Sebrae Individual Entrepreneur Loan?

First, for you to formalize your business, regardless of the income you have, you must access the Entrepreneur Portal website to make this request. Click here. http://www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br/. This is undoubtedly the first step. With your formalized business, it is much easier for you to apply for a loan from the banks, so that you have documents to prove what you intend to invest in this loan.

However, many think that just having the formalization like MEI go to the bank and get the loan easily. But it’s not that simple either. Today banks are more hesitant to release a loan, but with the correct documentation, and the bank understands that you will be able to pay the same in the future, you will probably be able to release this amount for you to invest in your company.

Main documents to apply for Sebrae Loan?


The loan may depend a lot on the bank you are applying for. But usually, almost all banks ask for the following documents:

  • Certificate of Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI) and / or Simplified Certificate of the Board of Trade.
  • MEI personal documents (RG and CPF).
  • Proof of residential address of Microentrepreneur.
  • In order to make the loan available, in addition to the documents delivered at the opening of the account, it is requested to fill out the “Individual Microentrepreneur Registration Form” (it depends a lot on what each bank requests).

What are the conditions for making an entrepreneur loan?

What are the conditions for making an entrepreneur loan?

Even if obtaining MEI makes it easier to get approval of a loan from the bank, it is not always easy to obtain. This is because the banks do a complete analysis of the conditions of your company before approving or not, the release of credit. If you can not prove that your business is really profitable, the bank will hardly grant you credit for MEI.

The most important thing is to demonstrate to the banks that you are able to make your business a great venture and that it is worth the financial loan. Remember that banks are behind profit and only release credit if they evaluate that they are doing a good deal. What’s more, make it clear that this money will be invested and how your business will grow with it.

The banks that are chosen by the individual entrepreneur are particular to each entrepreneur. On the website of Sebrae, the following banks operate the credit with the resources of the Workers’ Assistance Fund (FAT):

  • Bank of Brazil
  • Federal Savings Bank
  • Banco do Nordeste
  • Banco da Amazônia, National Bank for Social Development (BNDES), (official financial institutions referred to in Law No. 8,019, of April 11, 1990)

Individual Entrepreneur Loan: Is It Necessary Now?

Individual Entrepreneur Loan: Is It Necessary Now?

Investing in business can be profitable in the long run. But check all the terms of payment before signing the contract. Paying off the loan may not be as simple as that. And even for bank to release this amount, it will probably do analysis of the financial condition of your business in order to verify whether it is interesting to provide you with credit or not.

The key tip is to analyze if the loan is indeed important now for your business and if you will have the conditions to afford it. The loan needs to be the solution and help something and not end up becoming a problem. In this sense, a tip is to make a small project of exactly what you intend to expand and the money needed for such an expansion. Review what you will do with the amount released.

See how much of this amount will be invested and whether you will be able to increase or improve the flow of your business. Remember that and be very aware that when you get a loan, you are acquiring an obligation with a bank and you will of course have to pay it.