Online loans with bad credit -Loan companies online for bad credit: fast approval

Borrowing a small amount is possible without review. If you are looking for a bad credit loan or mini credit you must first compare the prices and especially the conditions, because they differ greatly.

Everyone can use an advance on the monthly income, certainly when an unexpected financial setback occurs. The washing machine, for example, fails. Or the computer that the children need for school crashes. Or a personal contribution towards medical expenses is a considerable assessment of the monthly budget. In short, there are countless situations in almost every household where a small amount can make a big difference. Not everyone automatically thinks about applying for a loan somewhere, but this can sometimes help.

Loan companies online for bad credit: fast approval

Where can I borrow a small amount of money.

Do you want to borrow a small amount of money via the internet? That is fairly easy if you go to and try for free online bad credit loans.

There are small companies that lend you from 50 USD. The costs for such a small loan are not as high as you think for good payers. One company that lends out small amounts of money wants you to buy advice from them and the other mini-loan provider only lends you for 7 days to 750 USD. For amounts of 5000 USD or more, you must write to the regular lender as also found on this site.

It is, of course, possible to go to a dear friend or aunt for a small fee. But not everyone is eager to make known to the world that they need an advance. Moreover, unpleasant situations can arise within the private sphere when misunderstandings arise about the loan. Another option than online lenders. Of these, quite a few nowadays have specialized in providing small loans. These mini loans, also called flash loans, can usually be closed very quickly. An additional advantage of the fast method is that the applicant can already compare a large number of loans within a few hours. Mini loans are usually not cheap and some research is therefore advisable.

A small loan

A small installment loan

A small loan is becoming very important. A lot of people are requesting a small loan to fill a temporary deficit or to get through the last part of the month. A small loan is recognizable because it is almost always a small amount up to a maximum of 1000 USD. And this loan must also be paid back quickly. In a month. If you are applying for a small loan for the first time, you must submit an income statement.

Always make sure you carefully consider a small loan and make the decision with policy. If you already know in advance that you will probably not be able to pay it back in the term, do not do it. Applying for a small loan is quick and you know in minutes whether the application is being processed. You don’t have to deal with a lot of forms, execution values ​​and you name it all. A small loan can always be applied discreetly.

Payday loans no fax direct lenders -Fast money via direct payday lenders online

A borrowing should always be well considered. Finally, you enter into a payment obligation to the lender that is fixed and irrevocable. In addition, there are additional costs, for example in the form of interest, which have to be corrected on a regular basis. Unfortunately, conditions and additional costs are not always apparent at first glance and many consumers do not know what to look for when they want to take out a loan. For this reason, Crediteriol has put together the most important facts.

Fast money for you via direct payday lenders online

A loan application for payday loan direct lender can only be successful if certain conditions are fulfilled. In a nutshell, certain criteria must be in place for you to be considered creditworthy. Below is a list of the most important conditions for taking out a loan:

  • Only those who have reached the age of 18 and have reached the age of majority can borrow money. Only then are you fully capable of acting and contracting.
  • In addition, you must have your first residence and a bank account in Germany in order to get a loan in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • As a rule, no loan agreements are concluded with employees who are entering into a new employment relationship during the probationary period. Quite simply because here shorter notice periods for the employee must be considered and the lender would have to take a higher risk.
  • A fixed-term contract could also be unfavorable if the period of employment does not correspond to the repayment term. It is therefore better to have a permanent employment contract.
  • The self-employed and freelancers are more likely to take bad credit cards. In some cases, it is sufficient to submit the business evaluations last years. Many lenders reject self-employed and self-employed workers from the outset, as these professions seldom have a secure and regular income.
  • If you want to take out a loan, you should not have a negative credit bureau entry. The score calculated by the credit bureau is used by the lender as a guideline to estimate your creditworthiness.

Taking out a loan – what should you pay attention to?

Once you have decided to take out a loan, you need to think about the nature of the loan agreement. Finally, depending on the purpose of the financing, two different credit models are available, the pros and cons of which you should weigh carefully. The most straightforward, but also the most expensive type of loan is considered as the disposition credit:

Although an outright loan is available immediately, the interest here is far above that of a installment loan, which is why a credit line is very costly. In general, this form of credit is only recommended if you have to bridge a short-term financial shortage and can repay the borrowed money in a short time.

But beware! Not infrequently, the repayment credit is only the beginning of the end. Because often borrowers do not come out of the minus due to the high interest rates. In many cases it then needs a installment loan to carry the account balance back into the plus. Ratsamer is hung the inclusion of a classic installment loan. Significant factors of a installment loan agreement include the loan amount, the term and the monthly repayment installment.

But that’s not all, because you should also think about the monthly amount of the installment and the associated interest costs and repayment term. In particular, the relationship between interest payments and repayment is to be observed. It is best to use a loan calculator before borrowing: this allows you to play through various repayment scenarios and decide on the installment rate with the interest premium that best suits your personal economic situation.

Insolvency after borrowing?

Another tip: Do not calculate with the ideal case, because all too often make sudden unemployment, divorces, deaths or illnesses a stroke through the carefully prepared bill. Since such miseries usually occur unexpectedly, it is advisable to complete an unemployment insurance or residual debt insurance before the loan application. It is even better, of course, you have saved a small upholstery from the outset, with you can settle the installments in the short term.

If it is an acute payment problem you have several options to maneuver yourself out of this emergency situation. Either you reduce the installments to a level that is compatible with your financial situation or you apply for a deferral.

In any case, it is wise to get in touch with your bank as soon as possible and explain the current situation. In rare cases, even a repayment subsidy comes into question. Less popular, but therefore no less useful is the search for a debt counseling. Here you will find many valuable tips and information.

Take credit best there:

Most people who want to apply for a loan do so at their bank, where they already have an account anyway. Today, however, there are many options at which bank to conclude the loan agreement. A search on the Internet has proven itself many times over, as some direct banks often offer more favorable terms than banks with branch structures.

Online, they can quickly, easily and completely independent of any business or opening hours to perform a credit comparison between different providers. In this way you can reliably find the cheapest offers. Of course, your bank also knows this: therefore do not be afraid to compare the online offer with that of your house bank. It should have happened already that the house bank changes the conditions and improves the offer.

Of course, deciding where to take a loan is not just a cost issue. If, for example, personal advice on borrowing and during the term of the loan is very important to you, you should give preference to a branch bank. This is where you will be assigned a personal adviser who will be available to answer your questions and any other matters relating to the loan agreement. Online banks do not provide a personal contact and do not have any branches where you could ask. But the conditions are also cheaper.

Attention pitfall when taking credit

Caution is always required! Especially with money transactions and loan agreements that are processed online, you should beware of dubious credit providers. A rip-off is best recognized by the following points:

  • Intransparent fees are charged BEFORE the loan is granted.
  • improper credit pledge, defies bad credit and creditworthiness. However, this point is not to be confused with serious credit despite credit bureau. For smaller loans can certainly be given to people with minor credit bureau entries under certain conditions.

Dubious lenders therefore recognize that you are promised a loan payment in any case, regardless of the credit bureau information. And if advance payments are required during the so-called payout process.

In addition, the Federal Court has the processing fees, which many banks claim for credit check etc., declared inadmissible – no matter whether the processing fees are mentioned in the terms and conditions or in the loan agreement. Please remember, before you take out a loan.

Personal payday loans with entity

Flimanger is a trustworthy company that provides the opportunity for you to acquire personal credits according to the profile of each person, ensuring that everyone can be part of the financial system by offering quality offers and fair parameters.

This company ensures that all people must have the possibility of accessing a loan, for this reason they are specialists in developing credit analyzes for each client, seeking to benefit the people responsible and committed to a loan. In addition, it offers benefits to those who requested, complied and have maintained excellent financial conduct. Any action you have when acquiring Flimanger personal payday loan will be notified to the various banking and financial entities, in order to improve your credit history and you can access better financial services.

Are you looking for financing opportunity? Flimanger gives it to you

Are you looking for financing opportunity? Flimanger gives it to you

This company provides personal payday loans, it receives this name because the financial entity conducts an economic study based on the credit applicant, the request must be made individually and non-transferable, that is, once the credit has been granted you cannot award it to another person.


► Up to $ 250,000

► To be returned up to 36 months

Essential requirements for the personal payday loan application

Essential requirements for the personal loan application

  • You must be over 18 years old.

  • Own Argentine ID

  • Work under dependency relationship

  • Have at least three months of seniority in the company

  • Be a bank account holder (salary account)

  • Personal phone number and personal email

Advantages of acquiring Flimanger personal payday loan

Advantages of acquiring Flimanger personal loan

  1. This type of credit can be requested quickly and simply through its official website, you can purchase it at the time you want. In Flimanger they work every day of the year.

  2. You will save time, since you will not have to go directly to the bank, since your request is 100% online.

  3. You will have to fill out a form with some personal data that you are requested there, all this to be able to analyze your financial situation immediately by consulting some public sources of information, all this avoiding that you must submit in printed form documents that guarantee your income.

  4. You can enter your website where you want it to be thanks to the accessibility of its platform, you will only need an Internet connection or you can even access it from your smartphone.

  5. You will get the money you need quickly and safely, fill out the application form and voila.

Flimanger offers loans of up to $ 250,000 to cancel in 36 fixed installments, but it is important to know that the approved amount of the loan application will depend on your credit experience financial analysis and possibility of payment, once the credit is approved you will have to wait A maximum of 48 business hours for direct accreditation in your bank account.

Personal credit conditions with Flimanger

Personal credit conditions with Flimanger


► Up to $ 250,000

► To be returned up to 36 months

The conditions established by the company for the acquisition of credits are the following:

– Comply with the mentioned requirements.

– The bank account to credit the $ must be approved by the Dester Bank of the Argentine Republic.

– The Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) Annual Nominal Total Financial Cost (CFT)

– The Annual Effective Rate (ASD) will suffer variations according to the profile of each applicant and payment term.

Flimanger offers opportunities for all people and even grants personal payday loans to university students in Argentina, you can plan the trip of your dreams, remodel your home or purchase that product you want

Request your credit responsibly!

Now that you know this way of financing, you can fulfill your purposes thanks to the help of Flimanger.

Micro Economic credit Federal

For anyone who is starting a new business, and needs capital to restructure the site, or another goal, they can apply for a personal credit or credit company. Even this type of financial product is offered to individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI). So if you are a micro entrepreneur with billing up to $ 120,000 per year and are thinking of expanding your business, learn how to get micro entrepreneur credit economical cashier!

Achieving microentrepreneur credit savings bank – MEI

The MEI is an excellent company formed for those who work on their own, the entrepreneur needs to register at Entrepreneur Portal to get the credit lines back to MEI. So much is that for those seeking the bank Caixa Econômica Federal.

this one requests this accreditation. Only later, he can have access to the package aimed at individual microentrepreneur.

Microcredit cash can be a good option for granting credit as it offers the lowest interest rates. Caixa offers a line of credit aimed at micro and small business entrepreneurs who want to start a business of their own or expand what they already have. In addition, there are a number of benefits that Caixa offers when the entrepreneur seeks the bank requesting this service.

How does Caixa’s microentrepreneur credit work?

Microcredit is the access to a small financial resource, as the name itself says of up to R $ 15 thousand, aimed at those who want to open a business or for those who already own a micro or small business. This service is aimed at those who already face many difficulties to get the traditional credit options.
Crédito microempreendedor caixa econômica federal
The micro-entrepreneur can request this service by phone or even entering the website and filling out the form. Afterwards, the Credit Adviser will go to the place of your venture and make a survey to know the current situation of your business and your ability to pay.

He can see how the application for this loan can bring good results with the correct investment of money. Therefore, this service will facilitate the acquisition of the necessary resources for the small entrepreneur.

How to get credit for microentrepreneurs in the Caixa Economico

Among the requirements for applying for credit is that the microentrepreneur must: 18 years or more, must be an account holder of the institution for at least 90 days, the CPF must be regularized. The good thing here is that the bank does not ask for proof of income (credit more easily and less bureaucracy) and does not need guarantor. Thus, this process becomes less bureaucratic.

The amounts released in the credit for microentrepreneurs of the savings bank is R $ 300 to R $ 15 thousand and; according to each client. Already the interest rates are from 2.9%, but it depends on home situation. So, the main advantage is for those who have MEI is just in interest. Institutions provide much lower interest rates for entrepreneurs in this category.

And the term for payment of the loan is from 04 to 24 months, and for the first hiring, the term is up to 12 months to pay. In this case, check the conditions well before signing the contract to see if you will be able to organize and pay for the service later.

Another tip is that before you think about applying for a loan, it is very important that you have well defined where that money goes. It’s no use wanting to request the service if you can not clearly define what you’re going to do with it.

And yet it is good to be well-defined even for the credit counselor to release the money. Then look at the company’s situation and how this credit will pay off in the future.

It is good to know that before making the request you should really check the need to apply for this type of loan at the bank. The “microentrepreneur credit economical cashier” is geared towards your business so the bank will ask for more clarification on your planning and the benefits to your business.

In this case it is not worth lying or issuing information, this can only leave your dirty record with the bank. Recalling that Caixa Economico is one of the banks that present this line of credit option, but do not forget to search and compare the credit offers that other institutions offer.

Even though it is a good option, only a few banks offer this line of credit and the amount offered is small compared to traditional credits. To know more please contact 0 0800 or Caixa SAC ask for loan information for microentrepreneurs or visit here.


Upping Your Mortgage Payments



Most homeowners look forward to the day when they can finally pay their final mortgage payment and actually receive their home. Most financial advisers advise clients to try to reach that day before they reach retirement age. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to do this, and instead he will still feel in debt when his long-awaited last business day finally hits. Some may not even be able to keep track of their mortgage payments when they retire and lose their homes.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the number of people who have not yet paid their mortgages is growing at retirement age. In 2011, the percentage of homeowners who have reached the age of 65 and is still owed on their mortgage was 30%, an increase from 22% in 2001. And for those homeowners who are 75 and older, it is percentage increased from 8. 4% to 21% 2%. The median mortgage debt for seniors also increased by no less than 82% at that time, from around $ 43,000 to $ 79,000. (For related literature, see: Taxing your pension with a mortgage. 


The increasing level of indebtedness of the American seniors could eventually become a major problem, which would affect the pension security of millions of seniors in the country. And although there are some advisers who say that holding on to a mortgage is a good way to lower a person’s income taxes – by writing off interest payments – most people agree that no debt is a good debt. Many seniors ultimately cannot enjoy their own retirement years in the way they had imagined because of their need to continue paying off their mortgages and other debts. 

Do retirees still need mortgages? 


Do retirees still need mortgages? 


To help prevent this scenario, some financial advisers suggest that their clients try to pay off their mortgages more quickly while they are working, so that they can be free and free during retirement. They propose designing a plan to see how much you can comfortably and for how long you can increase your monthly payments and then implement as quickly as possible. It is true that while this maneuver can reduce the amount that you have to invest each month in a savings or retirement plan, the relocation may even be more beneficial for your financial well-being in the long run. The stock market has seen an unparalleled rise in the last few years, but that will not last forever, and when it drops, your savings and investments will be. If you planned to use those savings to pay off your mortgage after you retired, you may be surprised that there is much less available when you need it. (For more information, see:

Do retirees have to pay their mortgage? ) Another possibility to pay off your mortgage faster is to make biweekly payments instead of monthly payments. If you do this over a period of one year, you will receive 13 payments instead of 12. So it is a way to reduce your debt faster without feeling the pressure. Or you can view the option to refinance your mortgage for a shorter period of time or at a better rate. Some people also choose to sell their homes, especially after the children have left, and move to a smaller home that is linked to a smaller mortgage (or a home without any mortgage). (For related literature, see:

Refinance your house after 50: does it make sense? Views on debts differ per generation

Refinance your house after 50: does it make sense? Views on debts differ per generation

People’s perception of debt has changed from generation to generation. Those who lived through the depression often tried to avoid debt at all costs. And they would never have considered retiring if they still had debts in their portfolios. But the Baby Boomer generation does not seem to have the same views. Some Boomers have waited until after they have retired to build or buy their dream home, putting themselves in debt again. Doing this is a big gamble that can not only increase your stress level, but it can also deny you the financial freedom you have worked so hard for. The goal, advisers agree, should be to have fewer fixed payments at retirement, free money for all those other things you enjoy doing, but haven’t had the chance to work.

To achieve your goal of peace of mind after retirement, many advisers recommend that you set up a budget so that you can think about how you can reduce part of your expenses and pay off more debts. Start paying off a credit card debt and then transfer to your mortgage. Or maybe deduct part of the money that you put into your pension fund and use it to pay off your mortgage at a faster rate.

working longer is another option to ensure that a large mortgage does not affect your pension. Even an extra year of working can do a lot to help you reach your goal, namely paying off your debt. The purpose of retirement must not only be to stop working, but also to reach a financially secure place. 

Work longer an attractive pension plan? The bottom line

One of the greatest joys of retirement is relaxing, knowing that one of your biggest expenses – your mortgage – is finally paid off. To do this, you must start planning now and reduce your debt while you are still working.

Individual Entrepreneur Loan

Pde » Financing» Sebrae Individual Entrepreneur Loan

Sebrae MEI Loan – Loans can make life easier for a microentrepreneur. Regardless if it is used for a makeover or purchase of material, any loan needs to be thought with caution. But how does the Sebrae individual entrepreneur loan work?

It is worth emphasizing that if you want your business to thrive and grow, it is very important that you formalize it. In addition to giving more credibility to your company, there are also a number of advantages of formalizing your business as MEI, and one of them is the possibility of having access to banking services, such as borrowing.

Another important point that needs to be made clear is that Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) carries out the advice and social security of the MEI, and is not in this case a financial company that will carry out a loan for the individual entrepreneur. This needs to be clear. That is, when the MEI has any doubts about services you can ask the Sebrae to clarify these doubts.

Is it easy to get Sebrae Individual Entrepreneur Loan?

Is it easy to get Sebrae Individual Entrepreneur Loan?

First, for you to formalize your business, regardless of the income you have, you must access the Entrepreneur Portal website to make this request. Click here. This is undoubtedly the first step. With your formalized business, it is much easier for you to apply for a loan from the banks, so that you have documents to prove what you intend to invest in this loan.

However, many think that just having the formalization like MEI go to the bank and get the loan easily. But it’s not that simple either. Today banks are more hesitant to release a loan, but with the correct documentation, and the bank understands that you will be able to pay the same in the future, you will probably be able to release this amount for you to invest in your company.

Main documents to apply for Sebrae Loan?


The loan may depend a lot on the bank you are applying for. But usually, almost all banks ask for the following documents:

  • Certificate of Condition of the Individual Microentrepreneur (CCMEI) and / or Simplified Certificate of the Board of Trade.
  • MEI personal documents (RG and CPF).
  • Proof of residential address of Microentrepreneur.
  • In order to make the loan available, in addition to the documents delivered at the opening of the account, it is requested to fill out the “Individual Microentrepreneur Registration Form” (it depends a lot on what each bank requests).

What are the conditions for making an entrepreneur loan?

What are the conditions for making an entrepreneur loan?

Even if obtaining MEI makes it easier to get approval of a loan from the bank, it is not always easy to obtain. This is because the banks do a complete analysis of the conditions of your company before approving or not, the release of credit. If you can not prove that your business is really profitable, the bank will hardly grant you credit for MEI.

The most important thing is to demonstrate to the banks that you are able to make your business a great venture and that it is worth the financial loan. Remember that banks are behind profit and only release credit if they evaluate that they are doing a good deal. What’s more, make it clear that this money will be invested and how your business will grow with it.

The banks that are chosen by the individual entrepreneur are particular to each entrepreneur. On the website of Sebrae, the following banks operate the credit with the resources of the Workers’ Assistance Fund (FAT):

  • Bank of Brazil
  • Federal Savings Bank
  • Banco do Nordeste
  • Banco da Amazônia, National Bank for Social Development (BNDES), (official financial institutions referred to in Law No. 8,019, of April 11, 1990)

Individual Entrepreneur Loan: Is It Necessary Now?

Individual Entrepreneur Loan: Is It Necessary Now?

Investing in business can be profitable in the long run. But check all the terms of payment before signing the contract. Paying off the loan may not be as simple as that. And even for bank to release this amount, it will probably do analysis of the financial condition of your business in order to verify whether it is interesting to provide you with credit or not.

The key tip is to analyze if the loan is indeed important now for your business and if you will have the conditions to afford it. The loan needs to be the solution and help something and not end up becoming a problem. In this sense, a tip is to make a small project of exactly what you intend to expand and the money needed for such an expansion. Review what you will do with the amount released.

See how much of this amount will be invested and whether you will be able to increase or improve the flow of your business. Remember that and be very aware that when you get a loan, you are acquiring an obligation with a bank and you will of course have to pay it.


Make Mortgage of Property in Brazil – Know the 7 worst mistakes


Mortgage property either for a home or any other commercial property or rural property, can be a wise and time-saving investment. It can also turn out to be a disastrous act if you are not careful. If you are buying a home anywhere in Brazil or one of the thousands of buildings in our capitals, be careful not to fall into these seven mortgage miscalculations.

Are you going to mortgage a property?

The process for completing the hiring of a mortgage loan is definitely not like making the unsecured personal loan application, the mortgage for real estate is a complex system and very rarely goes without fail.

Today you can choose lenders who claim to do the whole process of applying for mortgage online in a snap or can also choose as most who access the phone and will personally solve all the processing of the request in agencies and physical stores. Well, anyway, if you are a future borrower and want to make real estate mortgage without complication, it is interesting to read the article through to the end.

Do not research about your lender or lender

Do not research about your lender or lender

Choosing a mortgage lender is one of the most important decisions of a citizen’s life about to buy a financed property, so there is no need to be in a hurry. Take time to determine what your greatest needs and preferences are. Read the many reviews, reviews and credit policies of the prospective creditors before making your concrete decision on any of them.

Fall in the trap of low interest rates without reading the contract

Fall in the trap of low interest rates without reading the contract

Low interest rates are apparently tempting, but sometimes a problem happens, they are only available for a limited time, so you need to start the fast process to actually save some money with a mortgage on the property.

In order not to be cheated, it is advisable to obtain the written fee (advertising, pamphlet or newspaper etc.). This is especially true in pre-approved loans – beware! Because? In general the offers are only for a limited time or hide other fees or have tricky as conditions. Make sure you have enough time to find your property within that time frame and eliminate possible contractual pranks. Stay tuned to the CET, not always only a low interest rate will ensure a good deal if other extra additional fees are abusive.

Not choosing the best loan for you

Not choosing the best loan for you

It is essential to know what your situation is and what you are looking for regarding credit for buying property. There are pros and cons in all types of financing, so choose wisely what suits you best. Do not be afraid to ask and take away all doubts with your lender.

Do not compare the types of fees applied

Do not compare the types of fees applied

Fixed rates always sound like the wisest and safest option when making a mortgage for real estate. Fixed is not invariably better for everyone. Consider the savings and the length of the contract you plan to make, especially if you live on the property.

If you want to mortgage in the short term or long term, always make the calculations necessary to know exactly what will help you save a few thousand reais.

Do not read the clauses and negotiate before signing the contract

Do not read the clauses and negotiate before signing the contract


Mortgage documentation can be tedious, but every little detail counts whether to please or against you. Take some time to understand well about this and make sure you are fully aware of each additional fee and whether you will agree to everything before signing.

Some small clauses may seem obligatory when in fact they are not. Do not be lazy to read the contract carefully, if you need to hire a lawyer, this attitude can even make you pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars less or more per year.

NOTE: For you to become more expert in the subject making mortgage of property, we list below some of our best articles that speak on the subject.

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    12. Mortgage Loan – Mortgage to get money

Closing the deal at the wrong time


You may be anxious to close the deal, but closing at certain times of the month or in periods of economic change (eg, Copom – Selic meeting) may mean paying more expensive fees and additional charges unnecessarily. Closing at the beginning of the month for example will cause the borrower to pay more interest on the total loan, unlike the month-end mortgage contracts.

This can significantly increase the value of the installment and the final debit balance. Sometimes waiting another week or two can save hundreds of dollars. Well, as you can avoid not to make these mistakes in mortgage lending, just think and analyze the issue a little more. Do more research, compare and fully calculate all costs.

If you are trying to mortgage property with cheap interest rate for investment or housing, do not waste time or effort researching, the very essence is to have both, save money without suffering by making the wrong choices.

With a little extra care, taking on a home mortgage may be the best decision of your life and your family!


Greek Debt Crisis

The Greek debt crisis continues to occupy the news in the global financial news almost ten years after recognition. The crisis has been brewing for so long that a refresher course on what caused it might be fine in the first place.

The debt crisis arose from the fiscal wastage of the Greek government (“debauchery” is defined as wasteful and excessive spending). When GreekDr. Watsonand became the 10th member of the European Community on January 1, 1981, its economy and finances were in good shape, with a debt ratio of 28% and a budget deficit below 3% of GDP. But the situation deteriorated dramatically in the next 30 years.

In October 1981, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), a party founded by Andreas Papandreou in 1974, came to power on a populist platform. Over the next three decades, PASOK changed power with the New Democracy Party, which was also founded in 1974. In a constant effort to keep their voters happy, both parties conveyed a liberal welfare policy to their electorates, creating an inflated, inefficient and protectionist organization. economy.

For example, the salaries of employees in the public sector increased automatically every year, instead of being based on factors such as performance and productivity. Pensions were also generous. A Greek man with 35 years of government service could retire at the age of 58 and a Greek woman could retire as soon as he is under 50 years old. Perhaps the most notorious example of excessive generosity prevalence of 13th and 14th -Monthly payments to Greek workers. Employees were entitled to an additional monthly allowance in December to help with holiday expenses and also received half a month’s wages at Easter and half when they took their vacation.


Unbridled tax evasion

Unbridled tax evasion

As a result of the low productivity, the erosion of competitiveness and the unbridled tax evasion, the government had to resort to a huge debtor to keep the party going. The accession of GreekDr. Watsonand to the euro zone in January 2001 and the introduction of the euro made it much easier for the government to borrow. This was because the interest on Greek bonds and interest rates fell sharply because they converged with those of strong European Union (EU) members such as Germany. For example, the yield differential between ten-year Greek and German government bonds fell from more than 600 basis points in 1998 to around 50 basis points in 2001. As a result, the Greek economy increased with real GDP growth averaging 3.9% per year between 2001 and 2008 , the second fastest after Ireland in the euro zone.

But that growth came at a steep price, in the form of rising deficits and a budding debt. Watsonast. This was exacerbated by the fact that these measures apply to GreekDr. Watsonand had already exceeded the limits imposed by the EU Stability and Growth Pact when it was admitted to the euro zone. Thus, the Greek debt ratio was 103% in 2000, well above the maximum allowable level of 60% of the euro zone. The government deficit of GreekDr. Watsonand as a percentage of GDP was 3.7% in 2000, also above the 3% limit of the euro zone.

The mold rose shortly after the 2008-09 financial crisis, when investors and creditors focused on the huge government debt. Watsonast of the US and Europe. Failing a real possibility, investors began to demand much higher returns for sovereign debt issued by the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greek Dr. Watsonand and Spain) as compensation for this additional risk. Until then, the PIIGS debt risk was camouflaged by their wealthy neighbors in the north, such as Germany. By January 2012, the yield difference between ten-year Greek and German government bonds widened by no less than 3, 300 basis points, according to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.


While the Greek economy shrank in the wake of the crisis, the debt ratio rose, peaking at 180% in 2011. The last nail in the box came in 2009, when a new Greek government led by the son of Papandreou George in power and revealed that the budget deficit was 12.7%, more than double the figure previously revealed, which accelerated the debt crisis.

The Bottom Line

The Greek debt crisis has its origins in the fiscal wastage of previous governments, which proves that just like individuals, countries cannot afford to live far beyond their means. As a result, Greeks can accept jr. Watsonang live with stiff saving measures. According to the EU, a decision on debt relief for the country will be taken in 2018.